The Healing Hut favourite signature fragrances:

 Calm -English Lavender Room Spray £12 The Lavender scent is most commonly known for its relaxing properties - whether it's a recipe for a good night's sleep, or a tonic for anxiety and stress, it helps reduce nerves and proves a great aid to helping you chill out. So with the fresh Lavender aroma infused our room & pillow sprays, - used for either massage or fragrance, the tensions and pressures of life will soon start to soothe.

Serenity - Rose Geranium £12 Named Serenity because of the clear notes, and calming, floral tones of Rose, our Rose Geranium room & pillow spray can be used to relieve stress and anxieties. Its perfume infuses the air with the sweetness of fresh flowers and hints of earthy scents, leaving you feeling uplifted and at ease

Tranquility - Country Bluebell £12 One of the nation's favourite flowers, the treasured English Bluebell, and its dewy, delicate scent has been bottled just for you. Infused into one of our Healing Hut room & pillow sprays, the scent will fill your room with early morning tranquillity and the fragrances of Spring.


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