Treatment Benefits


Crystal and chakra healing

Release unwanted energies from your chakras and re-align your energy centres, crystals help heal mental, emotional and physical issues.

Reiki Healing

Reiki is a safe and gentle, non-invasive natural healing technique used to treat physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ailments.


Can help quiet the mind and enable you to allow thoughts and feelings to flow instead of allowing them to control you.

Beauty treatments and Aromatherapy

All holistic therapies and beauty treatments for the ultimate relaxation and feel good factor. A patch test may be required for beauty treatments and aromatherapy.

Medical and contra-indications


Reiki and crystal healing are holistic types of treatment which are generally suitable to all. We advise all our clients with a certain medical condition to visit his/her GP and acknowledge him/her about starting the treatment. It will allow both your GP and a Reiki practitioner to look after your condition better.

  • Minors: We kindly ask clients who are younger than 18 years old to be accompanied by a parent/guardian and provide a consent letter from a guardian or a parent.

  • Pacemaker: Due to the nature of energy healing, it is prohibited to do Reiki healing on those who have a pacemaker, as the energy can impact the pacemaker’s functioning.

  • Medications: We ask those who take medications to see a GP and acknowledge him/her of receiving a Reiki and crystal healing treatment before the initial treatment, and bring the letter from GP saying that he is aware of the situation.

  • Epilepsy: Even though Reiki and crystal healings tend to improve the condition, please, kindly note that due to the nature of energy work Reiki and crystal healing might cause an epileptic fit during the treatment. All clients with epilepsy are kindly asked to sign the consent form before the treatment, as well as see their GP and bring the signed letter from your GP saying he/she is aware of you starting the treatment.

  • Pregnancy: There are no specific contraindications, however, our clients who have concerns after the first trimester (e.g. history of miscarriage) are kindly asked to see their GP and acknowledge him/her of the treatment taken, as well as bring the letter of confirmation from the GP. We ask you to do it so that your GP and your practitioner together can better monitor your condition.

  • A medical form and client consultation is always required before any of our holistic or beauty therapy treatment. Patch test may be required for aromatherapy and beauty treatments to check for allergies before use of products.

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